These are my favourite software development projects so far. There are countless other incomplete and experimental projects on my GitHub if you are interested. Have fun!

My most successful FOSS project so far: A tiny, self-contained, configurable paste bin and URL shortener written in Rust. Published under BSD 3-Clause license.

A Publish-Subscribe Network for Distributing Perceptual Hashes of Images, written in Java and Rust. Automodera is part of my BSc thesis project.

Rust pHash
Rust library for generating Perceptual Hashes for images, also part of my BSc thesis project.

Powerful mouse (or any x-y input device) testing and benchmarking tool written in Java.

One of my most ambitious projects that gained quite some traction in the mechanical keyboard community. It was a social media platform for sharing keyboard builds and included the most awesome typing speed tester at the time. The project took up too much of my free time and had to be abandoned.